A Mothers Moment




 I held you in my arms on the day you were born and as I looked down into your beautiful eyes, I thanked God for placing you in my arms. I held you closer to me and I promised myself that the gift of you would forever be a priceless treasure in my life.


It was on the day you took your first steps toward me, that I gave thanks I was there for you to reach out and hold on to. What an amazingly beautiful little Being you were in my life!


 Getting you to your first day of school was to be one of the longest journeys in the shortest span of time I had ever taken. As you turned to run toward your future, I waved to you and returned home to the quietness without you there... and I gently slid to the floor.


Another of a “Mother’s Moments” that I would hold in my heart. I asked God to watch over you and then I arose and made myself walk forward... beginning the journey away from your childhood.


I held you in my arms with joy. I held you in my arms with sadness. I held you in my arms just to hold you as you grew, knowing that these days would become less as you reached out for the future ahead of you.


And when the day came that your little footsteps grew into the footprints of your life, I knew that you would leave behind a path for the entire world to see as you walked forward into your future… a future as an exceptional person in this world.


I held on to yet another of a Mother’s Moments because it was at that time I realized that no matter where you were in the world, I would forever hold you in the arms of my memories .


I look at you today with my heart so full of pride and thankfulness for having been given the blessed privilege of being there to gather these Mother’s Moments; each moment a gift God gave to me to hold within my heart... Forever.


                                                                                                                             Millie P. Lorenz


This writing is dedicated to every parent who makes the journey with a little hand in theirs and knows just when to let the little hand go as your child walks away from you………. Only to realize that the child you raised returns to you as such a Special Person in this world…. holding out their hands for you to reach out and grasp! I thank God every day of my life for My Children!


Millie P. Lorenz