May you have beautiful night dreams filled with angels and fairies and treasure chests filled with toys that to you are so real.

May you have sweet dreams of wonder and happiness and joy that fill your little starlit night.

May you look to tomorrow with an imagination as great as the sun that shines in your little world.

May you believe in rainbows and clouds and butterflies landing on your nose.

May you believe in things that you don’t see and question things that you do.

May you ask “why” once again so that I may hear those precious words and know that you are listening to my reply.... and learning from it.

May you sit in quiet and wonder and see the world through your precious eyes as a wonderful, special place to be.

May you snuggle deep under your colorful blankets until you are warm within your heart.

May you have felt love each minute of each hour of this day in your precious little life....

And may you always know just how much I love you each minute of each day of your life!

Good Night little one!


Millie P. Lorenz

Dedicated to My Grandchildren:

Keaton and Brady ,Hayley and Ethan, Kaydee and Abbi, and Austin and Ashton .