I Thank God


  I clutch the love I hold for you tightly to me. I go back in my memories and I hold you there. I put my arms around you and I see your beautiful face once again…no longer far away but here within my heart…and when I realize once again that I am dreaming in my day, I grieve from the depths of my soul.


    But in my grief, I thank God for the precious gift of Memories that he placed within my heart and I say thank you… that we were destined to meet and to love one another as we did; we shared the gift of bonded souls!



   I thank God for the privilege of having you hold me on the days when the sun would not shine and for your laughter on the days filled with the joy we shared. I thank God for the Gift of You to this world; you truly made the world a special place to be because of your life in it. I thank God for each and every moment that I was privileged to have you in my world.


   I thank God that even though you are only a memory to me, I still have you and will forever hold you in my heart. And I thank God for you... a beautiful memory that comes to visit my heart making sure that the love you left there will remain with me …. Forever!


Millie P. Lorenz