The gifts you have given me can only be measured within my heart. You have a quiet thoughtfulness about you; dreaming your dreams of making a better life for our family. Sometimes, your expectations of yourself reach far beyond my gift of you. I sit and watch you from a distance as your laughter breaks free and your eyes light up with love at the sight of our children. It is during these moments that I whisper softly…

”you are already there”. You are on the top of my mountain; your love fills the depths of my heart. Your capacity of a Father’s love amazes me; your strength to hold strong in my moments of weakness commands my respect and my love for you. Because of you, I can hold on to the good times during the hard times.


 I measure you as a man by the way you hold me…. how your love spans across distances to me….. and by the look in your eyes when you tell me that everything in our world will be okay. You measure yourself as a husband and a Father by the success of your dreams of tomorrow. It does not matter if you gave me the gift of your dreams; you have given me the gift of your love and our children born of that love. It does not matter if you reach the stars and the moon in your desire to make life better for our family because you are my shining star and you radiate a light in my life such as I have never known before you.


 And then, there are the words I have often whispered in silence that I now need you to hear from my heart….

                  You don’t have to reach Up to achieve your success; you have only to reach Out…. To Me….And in that moment you will realize that I love you for the man you have become!



                                                                                                                                                   Millie P. Lorenz