Memories of Mother


You reached your arms out to me on the day I was born. You held me in the warmth of those precious arms as the amazing gift of a Mother’s love passed from your heart into mine.


Then, in silence, on a day I cannot remember a moment of grace surrounded my heart and, as it is with every child, you felt love pass from my heart back into yours!


You built a Mother’s foundation of life making me realize that the path I chose and the ground I chose to walk on would leave the footsteps of my life behind me.


As I grew I admired your strength and used you as the example I wished to follow in my life. My Memory of you is built on the times you knelt down beside me and looked into my eyes… and we both shared tears. My tears from the hurts of the world …and yours from the hurts you knew I had to go through to grow.


And as I grew my memory held your beautiful face and I looked up into your eyes and the smile that made my world all right. Feelings of love and joy and sadness drew years on your face... and you held me in your arms. You held me with love; you held me with joy, and you held me with sadness.


And when the day came that I looked down at you… into your beautiful face... I held you in my arms and whispered, “Mother”. It was the silence on a day I will remember forever… a precious moment of quiet grace surrounded our hearts and, as it is with every child, I let you go.


And I felt love pass from my heart into yours.


And Jesus reached out His arms to you… and he held you in the warmth of those precious arms… as the amazing gift of His love passed from His heart into yours....

                                                           And He then sent back my Guardian Angel!



                                                                                                                                    Millie P. Lorenz