My Child 



You are so precious to me. When they placed you in my arms I looked down at you with a feeling in my heart such as I had never known before.

In my arms I held“My Child” and in my heart I held the special love I would forever hold for you.

 I promised at that moment to be the best parent I could be; I promised to be there for you always. I not only made that promise to you My Child; I made that promise to myself.

I had a world of plans for you. I had so many wonderful dreams for you in the years ahead.


You grew up all too fast; I watched with silent pride. You reached ahead in life with such determination it brought tears to my eyes… tears that I could not let you see.

As you grew I encouraged you to reach for all of those dreams. I encouraged you to set goals and to strive to reach each one. Oh, the love and pride I felt for you!


Then you began to build your own dreams in life. You made plans for “your” future; setting goals that you felt you must achieve. Although you had grown,

 I still saw you through my eyes as” My Child”. I had been happy encouraging you to reach for the wonderful dreams and goals that I had planned …for you…

 so many years before. Somehow,

I had not seen the dreams you held within your heart. I began to realize that you needed your independence and that you had choices in your life that would be best for you.


I love you so much and I want to be there for you to share whatever your dreams are in life. In my heart I will forever hold my love …for you will always be so precious to me.

I may, at times, have tears in my eyes that you may not see, but I will always have pride in you and all that you may become!

  I love you!


                                                                                                        Millie P. Lorenz