“Daddy, where is puppy heaven?” the little child asked. Leaning down and taking his child on his knee, the Father began to explain.


      “Puppy Heaven is a place far away and yet it is as near as the memories in your heart. One day God decided he needed a beautiful place for puppies and kittens and animals to run free. It had to be a very special place because God knew that many children would want to close their eyes and imagine how wonderful a place it would be.


       He filled Puppy Heaven with colorful butterflies of yellow and orange; butterflies fluttering their tiny little wings in the gentle breeze, making their journey from one beautiful flower to the next. He then sent the most colorful of birds to fly up high into the sky. They, too, could spread their little wings and fly together in play before finding the most perfect place among the shady green leaves of the towering trees on which to perch and watch over their little nests.


        He filled Puppy Heaven with sunshine so that each special little puppy would always be warm; no house would be needed for them. So, when puppies grow very tired and cannot run and play anymore, God gently picks them up into his arms and carries them to Puppy Heaven.


       Now, close your eyes and remember your puppy dog. Remember puppy playing and jumping and running into your arms for you to hug close. Remember how your puppy loved to run free and stop suddenly to look back at you.


       Remember how much you loved your puppy; you will always have that love right here in your heart and some day you will understand that your puppy dog gave you that love so that when the day came that you would feel sad and miss those happy times you had together, you can close your eyes and feel the love that Your puppy dog gave to you to hold in your heart forever!



                                                                                                             Millie P. Lorenz